Thompson Interior Pest Control specializes in the humane removal of bats from structures. We realize the important role bats play on our ecosystem, and help with insect control. The longer a bat colony is left untreated, the more difficult it will be to remove them from their nesting site. As soon as you know you have bats, we recommend a bat exclusion program. All current and possible entry points must be sealed, or the bat colony will simply find another entrance.

All holes ¼ inch and larger will be sealed with a high quality sealant. The main exit holes will be found, and a one way door will be installed to exclude the bats from the structure. The one way door will be removed in 4-6 weeks to ensure all bats have left the structure, and none are trapped inside. The bats will likely try and find other ways into their nesting site, and this is why all possible entry points need to be sealed. To keep the bats around with all of their benefits, we install specially designed bat houses to attract and give the bat colony a more suitable nesting location. The bat houses can be installed on the side of your buildings, or a neighboring tree or post. Proper location of the bat houses are key in order for the bat colony to find the alternate nesting site.

Bat exclusion is a process as to not harm the colony. If the infestation is caught early enough, we can successfully exclude bats in 2-4 weeks. If a bat infestation has been left for a few years or longer, the process may take up to 1-2 years.

Our bat exclusion services are offered throughout the Thompson Nicola region, the Cariboo, the Okanagan, and other areas in BC. Please contact us for information and estimates.

We also offer: Removal of bat droppings and contaminated insulation, and sanitizing and deodorizing infested areas.