Once a childhood pet for some, mice- at times- can be quite threatening to your home and health. Mice are a very common pest, especially in the areas that our exterminators serve- Merritt, Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon & Salmon Arm. Mice also breed rapidly, making a mice infestation very hard to manage once spotted. Our mice control programs focus on the cleaning of rodent droppings, and the non-toxic removal of mice within the home. Our exterminators pay great detail to locating each potential point of entry in your home, and sealing it, to prevent mice from further entering your house.

Get Rid of Mice

Similar to our rat removal program, our exterminators focus on non-toxic methods of mice removal. This is accomplished through natural mice bait or trapping, depending on the circumstances of your mouse infestation. Thompson Interior Pest Control always uses the latest HEPA filter vacuums and respirators to clean up the areas of mice infestations, as sweeping and vacuuming releases more bacteria in the air. A customized mice control plan may be needed to most effectively remove mice from your home, and our exterminator’s wealth of experience will ensure this plan meets the needs of your situation. Getting rid of mice can be a daunting task; contact us today to find out how our exterminators can make mice removal a reasonable endeavour for you.

Mice Control Program

Our extermination services are backed by our quality guarantee. As always, we offer free quotes and a guarantee of privacy- our exterminators arrive in unmarked vehicles and operate in a discreet manner at all times.