Rats are a common urban and suburb pest. Particularly in the areas that our exterminators serve- Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Salmon Arm & Merritt, rats can pose serious health risks from their droppings and waste. Thompson Interior’s rat removal programs get rid of rats from residential homes, and commercial businesses. Our exterminators will inspect all areas of your home or business including the attic and crawlspaces. Part of our process is to locate all potential entry points from the roof to the foundation and have it sealed to prevent any future rodent problems.

Getting Rid of Rats

Our rat control program focuses on using the latest HEPA filter vacuums and respirators to safely remove and prevent exposure to dangerous viruses. These remove 99.97% of even the worst rat feces, mold spores, hairs and dust particles- those that would typically be missed by traditional vacuuming. We focus on non-toxic rat removal, either through the use of natural rat repellants or trapping. Typically, a rat infestation will require a customized rat removal plan based on you and your home’s needs. Our exterminators are fully licenced and insured, with years of experience to bring a safe, effective and timely solution to getting rid of rats in your area of concern. Getting rid of rats can seem overwhelming, but our exterminators are here to help. 

Contacting us is the first step into getting a rat-free home once again.

Rat Control Program

Our extermination services are backed by our quality guarantee. As always, we offer free quotes and a guarantee of privacy. Our exterminators arrive in unmarked vehicles and operate in a discreet manner at all times.