Subterranean termites colonies include reproductives, workers and soldiers and can number into the millions. Most often the winged reproductives are noticed as a first indication of an infestation.

Reproductive termites are about 5-6mm long and are often confused with “flying ants,” but are very different in the extent of damage they can do to a structure. Subterranean termites feed on sources of cellulose such as large decaying trees and wood structure buildings. Besides wood structures, termites will feed off of fence posts, utility poles, cardboard, and fibreboard close to the ground. Where a food source is not found in contact with the ground, workers will build “shelter tubes” to access the food source. These sandy tubes are used to maintain a moisture level which is critical to their survival in the environment.

Subterranean termites are found beneath concrete slabs and gain entry to a structure through cracks in the foundation, and through spaces around utility pipes in the foundation. When buildings wood framing is covered by drywall a termite colony can go undiscovered for years and become we established.

We Successfully Control and Manage Termites With Termicides

Thompson Interior Pest Control successfully controls and manages termite populations with our integrated approach to treatment. The use of a termiticide will eliminate any active population in and near the structure, and create a protective barrier around the concrete foundation. The termiticides registered for use on termites are only active for a few months, and cannot be applied to the environment carelessly. This is why we also apply a borate based product to all exposed or covered wood that is in close contact with the soil. Tim-Bor is active for 25 years and is a naturally occurring material that is great for aiding in the control of termites and other wood boring insects.

The greatest challenge in termite control is the detection of a colony. We eliminate this challenge by integrating a termite monitoring system, which is a non-toxic monitoring tool. These monitor tubes are inserted into the foundation slab and around the structure for more timey detection. The monitors contain a cellulose bait and an indicator which allows for easy monitoring for pest control. When the indicator shows termite activity the homeowner can contact Thompson Interior Pest Control for a maintenance treatment. All maintenance treatments and monitor tube replacements are included within the warranty period. With the use of the termite monitor system there is less cost for visual inspections, and quicker detection methods.

Thompson Interior Pest Control also offers preventative pre-treatments for new construction. We can pre-treat the soil with a termiticide prior to laying concrete slabs, and treat all wood framing with Tim-Bor prior to insulation. Termite monitor tubes will also be installed for future detection.